ReVolt Pro-S1 Battery Fixer

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Save Money.
Save Time.
Peace of mind.

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  • Fixes most Dead Car & Truck Batteries in 4 to 40 hours***
  • Same technology and products used by the ReVolt Battery Exchange for processing over 10,000 batteries with high success rate.
  • Triples the life of working batteries.
  • Easy to use, attach two leads and select Revive.
  • Manual mode allows experimentation with other sizes & battery types.
  • Build with same components as expensive 24/7 production recycling models.
  • Serviceable Parts.
  • Made in Nevada, USA.
  • USA based Technical Support.
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee*
  • 1 Year Warranty.

How to buy:

    • Sold on, search for “Revolt Pro-S1”.  Or click here:
    • Sold on Shopify visit our store Or click here: 
    • Visit the Battery Exchange 309 Kietzke Lane, Reno Nevada 89502 USA
    • Order directly from ZTech4, LLC  call 775-525-6868
ReVolt technology focuses on three main problems of most dead batteries:
    • Won’t accept a charge.
    • Won’t hold a charge.
    • Weak under load.

Need Proof? We understand that these claims are pretty extraordinary. That’s why we’ve gone to extraordinary means to prove it’s real.  Today, videos can be faked, testimonials can be faked or bought, and simple claims are mostly ignored when it comes to “magic black boxes”. And for decades someone has claimed a special “desulfator” or some chemical – Epson salt, aspirin, urine (yes for real), oil, etc.

But there’s one thing that can’t be faked. Customer’s who are satisfied with the end result and employees who make the end result for those customers all within a closed-loop. The ReVolt Battery Exchange is a real, Reno business that was opened in August of 2016. It started with only 4 leftover prototypes of the original ReVolt3000 Kickstarter campaign and a bunch of spare parts for a few more. Over the next two years, the owner worked to develop the next generation of ReVolt Battery repair and maintenance systems while also developing the ReVolt Battery Exchange store itself. The first few employees that volunteered their time or worked part-time for cheap, or are now full time are still around, still watching and are excited. In fact, the now successful ReVolt Battery Exchange store model is for sale in franchise-like licenses and has 5 other independently owned locations using this technology opened in 2020.

The customers of the Revolt Battery Exchange know it’s real because they are the ones who bring their dead batteries to the store, then a little while later may see their old dead battery up on the shelf for sale with an unconditional full money-back guarantee. The employees of the ReVolt Battery Exchange who buy the dead batteries from customers, test them, process them and put them on the ReVolt Machines and see the results from the machines, then sell those repaired batteries back to customers who are happy and keep coming back, and write great reviews for them. Just google it, it’s real. Plus you can come to see it for yourself if you want to!

And then, there’s the paperwork to prove it which… could be faked but would be really hard to! Because there are vendors and other historical witnesses and records still here.  AND 10,000 battery case records with their individual handwritten tracking form paperwork right here [Click]

There was even a successful Kickstarter campaign completed back in 2014, which started it all. So yes, it’s the cliché garage inventor fairy tale, except for that the product is real! If all of that isn’t enough, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee on the ReVolt Pro-S1 system itself.

“I’ve used it on 10 cars already and only 1 didn’t work! I’m keeping it!”- Reported one month after purchase by a Reno used car lot owner. Now, a former, regular customer of the ReVolt Battery Exchange – we miss you Karl! Please return your Pro-S1,  we miss your business!

Preventing Dead Batteries:

Using Pro-S1 once or twice a year for 4 to 6 hours on working batteries can triple or more their useful life. Keep your working batteries going and going by simply giving them a “boost” treatment. This can be done without removing the battery from the vehicle. Save yourself the money, time, and hassle of replacing batteries often. Or, make some money by providing a “refresh” service for your customers on a regular basis.

Rescue Battery: 8-Year-Old Battery, brought back from the dead in 2014, still in use in 2000 Durango as of June 2019. [See video of 2019 annual service here]


Rescue Battery: 9-Year-Old Battery, brought back from the dead in 2014, still in use in 1999 RAM 1500 as of June 2019.


Fixing Dead Batteries –

ReVolt revival technology is proven on over 10,000 batteries processed by the ReVolt Battery Exchange in Reno, Nevada – a profitable, growing business that was opened in August of 2016. The ReVolt Battery Exchange was built on the concept of buying scrap batteries and then using ReVolt systems to revive the batteries and then sell them. ReVolt Battery Exchange offers an UNCONDITIONAL FULL MONEY-BACK guarantee on all of its recycled batteries that it sells and has a 4.7 (of 5) star rating on Google.



The ReVolt systems were challenged by Interstate Batteries of Nevada in 2018 to rescue a 26-Year-Old battery that had been dead for well over 20 years. The ReVolt systems recovered the battery to 80% of its original capacity – WINNER!  Here’s the video

2019-06-03 10_54_32-26 Year Old Car Battery brought back from the DEAD! - YouTube


    • Used car lot in Reno one month after Revolt Pro-S1 purchase, “I’ve used it on 10 cars already and only 1 didn’t work!”
  • Revolt use on ranch/compound:

  • Deep cycle use testimonial:

How easy is it to use? About as easy as a battery charger.***

  1. Make sure battery terminals are clean. If in the vehicle, remove the vehicle’s negative battery lead.
  2. Attach Pro-S1 leads to positive and negative terminals.
  3. Start Revive Function.
  4. Wait 4 to 40 hours for the unit to signal Test or Fail.
  5. If test, load or use-test the battery. If Fail, discard or try again.




Production ReVolt units processing 20 Batteries.


At $100 per Battery



Retail Price: $799

Introductory Price: $649

How to buy:

    • Sold on, search for “Revolt Pro-S1”.  Or click here:
    • Sold on Shopify visit our store Or click here: 
    • Visit the Battery Exchange 309 Kietzke Lane, Reno Nevada 89502 USA
    • Order directly from ZTech4/ReVolt Research: 775-525-6868

*Returns accepted up to 30 days under normal use.

*Please allow up to 10 days for item to ship. Each unit must pass a  required “burn-in” period (a period of time they are exercised in test conditions) to help assure that you receive a proven functioning product.  

***WARNING! Read the manual before use! Physical harm or property loss may result from improper or unsafe use.

***Notice: This is NOT a battery charger, the battery will charge as a side-effect of the repair process but not as efficiently as a dedicated battery charger. Repeated use to merely charge a good battery can damage it. We recommend a separate charger for the purpose of simply charging. ReVolt systems cannot repair every battery. The Pro-S1 is tuned for 12-volt lead-acid batteries (AGM and flooded types) from 1 to 100 pounds. High success rates with our systems simply used on discarded batteries from vehicles, fields, yards, garages, etc.

Disclaimer: Pricing and specifications are subject to change without notice. ReVolt Pro-S1 is in ongoing development and considered experimental, use at your own risk.