ReVolt3000: The Science of Rejuvenating and Extending the Life of Batteries

The Science of Rejuvenating and Extending the Life of Batteries.

Simple battery rejuvenation is not new, nor is it magical.  The techniques have been known and in practice for nearly a century.  The ReVolt series of battery rejuvenators starts with these basics and add modern practices and technology along with discovered weaknesses in current charging systems to produce a compact, reliable and effective system of battery rejuvenation and charge technology which is affordable yet will allow you to recover, maintain and utilize your lead acid batteries and other types for typically 4 times their normal rated life.ReVolt3000 RV3K1P-100-ON

In lead acid batteries, the battery’s performance depends primarily on plate surface area within each cell.  The plate surface area is lost when undesirable deposits accumulate on the plates.  Also, undesirable deposits or contamination can cause short circuits between the plates.  Assuming there are no other dysfunctions, the ReVolt3000 can usually fix these problems with no need to enter the battery.  The ReVolt3000 can also generate spikes up to 800 amps to blow through low parasitic resistance areas between the plates and can generate the voltages and frequencies necessary to break up deposits which cause the reduction of plate surface area.

ReVolt3000 systems also service other types of batteries such a NiCad, NiMH and Lead Acid Gel-Cell types.

Battery rejuvenation not only allows for great savings as batteries become more expensive, but also reduces the time and hassle associated with battery system replacement.  The ReVolt3000 systems offer not only these benefits, but is an effective piece of equipment to those in the battery rejuvenation business.


“I had a successful run with the ReVolt this weekend. The battery in my van is nearly 10 years old, and I’m surprised it has lasted this long, because my van mostly sits in the driveway. On Friday evening the resting voltage on the battery was about 12.3, and I put the ReVolt on it. I only had an older 5 ball hygrometer, and it was floating 2 of the 5. By mid-day Saturday it could float 3 balls, and by Sunday afternoon, it was floating 4. The lightly rested voltage was about 13.3.”
– Tesla employee.

ReVolt3000 – you have found the machine!